Dog Pulled Wagon


A fun and utility, versatile dog pulled wagon. Your pet will be more than happy to fetch grocery, carry kids in a park or on a beach.


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Dog Pulling: This is an age old tradition where a dog handler walks a dog on a lead while the dog pulls a cart or a Wagon. Any size dog can be trained for dog carting as long as the vehicle and weight pulled is appropriate to the dog’s size. The rule of thumb is a fit dog can pull up to three times it’s weight with a wheeled vehicle.

A fun filled utility & versatile dog pulled wagon. Great to have it on the farm. Your pet will be more than happy to fetch grocery, carry kids in a park or on a beach.

The front set of wheels have steering arrangement and can turn easily while moving forward or back. This gives the wagon better manoeuvre & stability. Please look at the picture for a view.

We make these wagons and any type or design can be made as long as it is within our means.

In case you want to make it yourself, we can supply you many parts. Like wheels, axles, mounting brackets, axle brackets, steering arrangement and shafts. Please ask for price for what you need.

Some of the colour ideas are shown here. Choose or request your colour. It will take about 10 to 15 days to complete the order once you buy and payment is received.

The wagon with sides covered will cost more so ask for extra price. The covers can be printed.

Height of wagon from ground: 50cms (may change)
Wooden cart top length: 85cms
Width 50cms and height: 28cms
Metal shafts: 100cms to 140cms as needed, depending on the size of dog.
Wheel diameter: 21cms (or can beĀ  33cms),wheels are on stainless steel axle and ball bearings.

The front wheel’s steering arrangement is a standard equipment, fitted as a unit. Some assembly will be required to put the wagon together. How to train your dog, script can be provided with this purchase.


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