Dog Jacket Waterproof XS

Dog Jacket Waterproof XS


Water proof jacket with reflective strip for safety during night walks.

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This Dog Jacket Waterproof XS is 100% water proof and breathable, very cosy and by combining the exclusive contour design it provides unparalleled fit, protection and freedom of movement.

This Dog Jacket Waterproof XS is multilayered. Top layer is heavy duty 600 denier water proof fabric, poly filled center and finally lined inner soft poly cotton. Elastic leg straps, chest strap and neck strap.

The quality of the stitching is un-beatable. Near impossible to rip with bare hands. Made to last! Hand wash with ‘regulars’.

All measurements are from the base of the back of the neck of the coat/jacket along the spine to the tail area.


Length: 25 cm

Width: across back(not under belly) – 30 cm. Can be adjusted to a girth size from 40 cm to 48 cm.

Neck : Adjustable from 26 cm to 32 cm.

Please cross check all sizes, exchanging will be expensive & no refunds please.

Colours: Blue and Black

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