Dog Jacket Cotswool XL
Dog Jacket Cotswool XL

Dog Jacket Cotswool XL


Cotswool dog jacket for your xtra large size dog, likes of bull mastiff, French mastiff


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The dog jacket cotswool xl is very cozy, designed for easy fit and comfort for your pet. The coat/jacket is multi-layered with a soft inner lining. Dog jacket cotswool xl has outer of high quality cotswool and inner 600gms fleece.

The quality of the stitching is un-beatable. Near impossible to rip with bare hands. Made to last! Easy washing protocol with hands or in the machine with ‘regulars’

Very snug fitting coats with a double straps & neck support. The coat/jacket velcros over the chest and fastens across belly area. The adjustable straps mean that the dogs will have a snug fit.

All measurements are made from the base of the back of the neck of the coat/jacket along the spine to the tail area.

Length: 75cms
Width:  Across back 66cms- adjustable to a girth size around belly, 90cms to 110cms.
Neck:  70cms(it is neck of jacket and means it will go through a head size upto 70cms).

Please cross check all sizes, exchanging will be expensive & no refunds please.

Colors Choices: Tartan Style Red/Black /Blue/Black

Breed guide: For the likes of bull mastiff, French mastiff and similar.

Bulk quantity discount available up to 40%


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