Dog Collar Diamante
Dog Collar Diamante
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Dog Collar Diamante


Genuine leather hand crafted dog collar with matching diamante.

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Dog Collar Diamante genuine leather hand crafted dog collar with matching diamante. Not PVC or any other synthetic material. Tastefully crafted Dog Collar Diamante and made to last for a long long.

Four sizes available:


Width: 2.5cms
Length total: 45cms
First hole from buckle: 36cms
Last hole from buckle: 41cms

2. Large

Width: 2.5cms
Length total: 65cms
First hole from buckle: 53cms
Last hole from buckle: 61cms

3. Small

Width: 2.5cms
Length total: 30cms
First hole from buckle: 22cms
Last hole from buckle: 26cms

4. Xtra small

Width 2.5cms
Length total 25cms
First hole from buckle: 19cms
Last hole from buckle: 22cms

The trendy studs are designed to stay with no discomfort on your pets neck. See photo as studs do not stick out of the leather onto your pets back. Thick double layered with backing on your pets coat for comfort.

Quality stainless, nickel finish, buckle and “d”. Again, the components are designed to last!

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